The Best LG G4 Accessories


The Best LG G4 Accessories

The LG G4 is the Korean giant’s latest attempt at a top smartphone, which packs a stunning display, cracking camera and plenty of power.


The design is certainly alternative compared to the variety of black rectangles on the market, as you can have it in plastic or leather – plus the power and volume buttons are on the back. In short, the G4 takes many aspects we loved about the G3, and brings them bang up to date.


If you’ve decided this IS your handset of choice, then make sure you’re making the most of your new smartphone by lavishing it with a selection of the best LG G4 accessories available.


Whether you simply want to protect it with a hard-wearing case, keep it charged with a handy dock or give it even more storage capacity for storing games and media, there’s a wide range of kit available to match up with your LG G4.


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