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Guest View: Thoughts on the next iPad Mini - TechNow

Guest View: Thoughts on the next iPad Mini


gold-ipad-mini-2Tablet PCs are currently the ‘in thing’, and because Apple is well known for the expense of their products many were shocked when they announced the iPad Mini this time last year– a smaller and more affordable version of the iPad. If rumours are true, then the Californian tech giant is planning to announce a second-gen model at an event expected to be held on October 15.  As it’s been highly rumoured throughout the whole year, I have some very high expectations for it.
Read on, to find out what they are.


A Retina display is a must…

ipad-retina-display-home-screen-iconsI wish Apple’s first-gen iPad Mini had sported a Retina display but because it was a gamble for the company at the time, it’s likely they wanted to take a precaution by not adding it. Really, something that all Apple users love should have been added in the first place! Also, if the iPad Mini 2 didn’t feature the tech then there’ll probably be a lot of unhappy people out there – mainly because Apple would be announcing a hyped product, but with a display that fails to “WOW”. Luckily, If all the rumours are true, the upcoming iPad Mini 2 should come along with the technology.


iPad-Mini-2-and-iPad-5-will-contain-Touch-ID-tech-420x215 copy copyThe Touch ID fingerprint sensor…

After the announcement of the iPhone 5S, I think that it would be super cool if the iPad Mini 2 was unveiled with the same Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and it’s is inevitable as it’s such an awesome feature! Not only that, but it also adds a lot of security to the device, keeping your data constantly safe.


apple-a6-mockup1A faster processor….

When I had a chance to play with one I didn’t think the iPad mini was particularly slow, but it would be nice to see Apple’s new A7 processor included in the mix – and it probably will anyway.


Improved battery life, please…

I’m not dissing the original iPad Mini, however I can’t be the only one that would still like to see a battery that provides the user with even more power – after all, tablet PCs are becoming more and more relied upon.


ipad2013_2-640x480Some jazzy colours would be cool…

It’s looking likely that Apple will be dipping its upcoming iPad Mini 2 into some new colours – Champagne Gold and Space Grey versions are looking definite as some very realistic images have surfaced online. Some other new colours however, like the bright ones as seen on the iPhone 5C, would certainly appeal to those looking to express themselves with their tech. I personally, wouldn’t mind seeing a nice blue version.



If the pricing of the 5s is taken in to account I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple did up the Mini’s price when the new model is unveiled, but in order to get the same interest like the original iPad Mini did when it was first announced to the world, then the price really should remain as it is, (or somewhere just under the £300 price mark). I mean, if Apple’s planning to continue targeting a market for those looking for an affordable tablet, then they’ll need to keep the Mini 2 as cheap as possible so it can compete with the likes of the Google Nexus 7.


There’s only 15 days until the expected launch of the new tablet, so keep your eyes peeled to see if Apple delivers!



Nicholas Fearn is a blogger and aspiring journalist from South Wales.  He has been recognised for his early break in writing about technology by local press and has written for various websites including his own which you can find here:





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