Your future smartphone could be free

Your future smartphone could be free

With smartphone ownerships levels near saturation point in Western markets, manufacturers and network operators are busy looking for new ways to entice customers, while at the same time extending their presence into emerging markets.

In those developing spaces (and in the budget market in the West), it’s a race to the bottom to bring costs down – and the end result could be a free smartphone, complete with free calls, texts and data.

Meanwhile, marketing and advertising agencies around the world are experimenting with increasingly audacious schemes in a bid to get their products and ads in front of consumers in a highly competitive landscape.

Many believe we could be heading towards a revolution in smartphone provision, with technology and marketing converging to the point where your future smartphone could cost you absolutely nothing.

Users are now accustomed to seeing adverts on most websites and apps – and it could eventually be possible to support the cost of both a future smartphone and a network plan simply by including adverts on the lock screen or launching apps.


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