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Edifier Luna Eclipse Review - TechNow

Edifier Luna Eclipse Review


IMG_0057 copy

Edifier’s latest 2.0 speaker system comes in the form of the ‘Luna Eclipse’ set, which packs Bluetooth alongside a traditional 3.5mm input in a rather attractive package that from some angles could be mistaken for a space-dwelling craft, whilst delivering a build quality that rivals far more expensive brands.  Of course it’s not all about the looks; Edifier has to deliver something that sounds as good as it looks. Read on to see if it has.


The Looks

Edifier’s box-opening experience is up there with the best. It feels like you’re unravelling a quality product, with cloth protection and very thick foam packaging keeping the cargo very safe.  These are weighty speakers, something which only lends to their quality feel, and looking like something out of a sci-fi film they’re certainly easy on the eye. Whilst perhaps risking becoming a dust-magnet, the shiny piano-black shell of the Luna Eclipse looks incredibly sleek, though they’re also available in red and white.

IMG_0001 copy       IMG_0003 copy       IMG_0066 copy

Intersecting slits hide two passive bass radiators for enhanced bottom-end punch, whilst up front there’s a ¾-inch silk dome tweeter with a protective bar and 3.5-inch midrange driver.  At the bottom of the right speaker there’s a status LED and infra-red receiver that works with the included basic remote that whilst simplistic and Apple-esque, feels a little more cheap than the speakers.  This speaker also houses the amplifier and Bluetooth receiver, with a 3.5mm audio jack on the rear whilst connecting to the left speaker with a proprietary 6-pin cable.

IMG_0072 copy       IMG_0061 copy       IMG_0058 copy

Edifier also includes capacitive touch volume controls on the left side of the right speaker, as well as a power button. If you happen not to be near your Bluetooth streaming device of choice, swiping across these buttons will also let you change track.


The Sound

I’ve become accustomed to expecting a decent audio quality from Edifier’s larger speakers and the Luna Eclipse are no exception.  Edifier hasn’t skimped on the hardware, with two 15w tweeters and 2 22w bass drivers having their own dedicated crossover and amplifier – hence the 6-pin interconnecting cable.

IMG_0020 copyYou may think a lack of subwoofer would leave bass-hunters wanting, but actually the addition of the four passive radiators makes the bass response incredibly snappy, with the low-end sounding really warm.  I tried a range of music, some of which was more bass heavy than others, as well as some games including FarCry 3 and the recent Titanfall PC Beta.  Double-bass notes rang through, explosions rang out with a satisfying thud and I was overall incredibly happy with the bass impact from a woofer-less setup.

My only criticism would be that in games and movies, there was not much of a stereo pan between the speakers – despite spacing them apart sufficiently.  For music this does not particularly matter, and casual gamers won’t be off-put, but they probably aren’t the ideal fit to compliment your main TV if you’re a movie buff.



With easy Bluetooth connectivity alongside a high-quality 3.5mm input, the striking design of the Luna Eclipse speakers would be a great companion for a music-lover’s laptop, a bedroom media setup or someone wanting a replacement for their mini hi-fi of the ’90s. They’re well built, well packaged and although the remote could have been better, the accessories are otherwise of a high quality.

Sound quality is top-notch and I was really pleased with the quality both from my HTC One via Bluetooth, as well as my desktop PC loaded with high-quality MP3 and FLAC files.  There’s plenty of treble at the top end, whilst bass clarity is excellent without being overbearing.  As a younger, smaller brother to the excellent Spinnaker speakers I reviewed last year, they come highly recommended.



+ Top-notch build quality.

+ Stand-out design.

+ Excellent audio clarity.

+ Easy Bluetooth setup.



– Shiny black finish gets dusty quick.

– Narrow stereo pan.


Price: From £129.99
More InfoEdifier
Audio Specs: Frequency response: R/L: 6.1KHz – 20KHz | SW:30Hz-1.58KHz, 2 x 3½” 6Ω drivers, 2 x ¾” tweeters – all magnetically shielded, 2 x 3″ passive bass drivers.
Audio ports: 3.5mm analogue, Bluetooth Streaming.
Accessories: Power cable, gold-plated 3.5mm auxiliary cable, remote control.
Dimensions / Weight: 122 x 212 x 222mm (W x H x D),  3.6Kg.




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