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Vodafone Smart Tab II


IMG_3271 copyThe head-honcho at TechNow has nervously given me the new affordable 7” tablet from Vodafone to review. The last time I handled anything made by Vodafone, it could only make calls, had a battery life of around one week and an external aerial that you could chew on. The Vodafone Smart Tab II looks anything but vintage and is also very affordable. Over the past week I have been using the Smart Tab to show you that it’s not just a huge smart phone with no ability to make calls.

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Video Games: America’s new ‘Sin Tax’


mortalmikeyI hear Barack Obama has agreed funding research into violent video games in the wake of another school massacre. How many times do we need to flog this dead horse? Perhaps Barack should fund research that determines whether violent games make young men and women join the REAL army to shoot at real people ‘legally’. Some people have told me that this funding isn’t just about video games violence but a push for research on all things that contribute to this kind of violence, which I think is fine.


In the grand scheme of things I find even mentioning violent video games an absolute insult and hypocritical. I’d like to think we’re better than this, that we are passing on what we’ve learnt from the actions of our elders and have learnt from their mistakes.

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