10 Ins’Pi’ring Raspberry Pi Zero Projects


10 Ins'Pi'ring Raspberry Pi Zero Projects

Just when you thought computing couldn’t get much smaller, along comes a miniaturised version of the – already diminutive – Raspberry Pi: The Zero. At just half the size of the Raspberry Pi A+, this tiny new model was launched on the front cover of a magazine – proof of Moore’s Law (if it were needed).

Crammed into a package measuring 65mm x 50mm x 5mm, there’s a surprisingly capable 1GHz processor, 512mb of RAM, a micro-SD slot, micro HDMI video output and two micro-USB sockets (one for data and one for power)

It might not have quite the connectivity of its larger brothers, but the Raspberry Pi Zero is still the perfect starting point for a wide variety of projects, from simple media streamers to more exciting inventions.

We’ve covered a variety of exciting pi-powered projects already here at Lifehacker, but if you’re on the hunt for a truly exciting project, then try one of these for size.

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