10 Ins’Pi’ring Raspberry Pi B+ Projects to Try For Yourself


10 Ins'Pi'ring Raspberry Pi Zero Projects
There’s little doubt that the Raspberry Pi has transformed classrooms, bedrooms and hobbyist workbenches throughout the world, and has fast become an instantly recognisable British product we should all be proud of.

Whilst it’s now not the newest or most powerful model of Raspberry Pi available, the B+ is one of the most widely used. Having replaced the original Model B in July 2014, this single board micro computer is behind some truly ins’Pi’ring projects. Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

The B+ has more power than the Model A or A+; swaps an SD card slot for a more compact micro SD; fits in an additional 2 USB ports over the original Model B; has better audio and video outputs; increases the GPIO header from 26 to 40 pins; and despite all these new features, still uses up to 1W less power than earlier models.

Here at LifeHacker we’ve unearthed a variety of exciting pi-projects, but if you’re looking for a truly exciting project to take on with your new Pi B+, then keep reading!

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